Celebrating the Spirit of Adventure

A Message from Lynn Bancroft, Owner/Developer Opal Outdoors


Lynn Bancroft, Owner and Designer Opal OutdoorsWhen I was touring off-road by bicycle, I met a gal who had just returned from a journey. She’d spent the previous three months on her horse searching for a fabled lost opal mine.

Her story had an impact on me. I admired her willingness to drop everything to follow her dream. I was envious of the time she was able to spend searching and being close to nature. How can we incorporate this spirit of adventure into our daily lives? How can we take advantage of every opportunity to be close to nature and enjoy all it has to offer?

Keeping this spirit alive and respecting Nature is what inspired me to create the Opal Outdoors collection. Explore and be present, be outdoors.  Opal Outdoors ... Searching for lost opal mines.

Proudly Made in Bend, Oregon

Tucked between the snow-covered peaks of the Cascade Mountains and the inspiring high desert plateaus of Central Oregon, Bend, Oregon has evolved from a sleepy lumber town to an international mecca for outdoor enthusiasts and people in search of active and healthy vacation experiences and tourist attractions. Whether you're seeking the world class river activities, the hiking and biking opportunities on endless miles of trail around the city, the pristine beauty of trail running on Bend's cutting-edge Urban Trail System, people from around the world visit Bend to get outside and to be inspired by the Bend lifestyle.